Erectile Dysfunction

How is right to feed men?

Every day body feels need for balanced diet. If every day you don`t replenish body with substances, minerals and vitamins, that are important for life and vitamins from correct menu, then over time ability to function normally is lost. But, at same time, it is important to remember, that healthy male food shouldn`t become just “fuel” for prolonging organism life.

Balanced nutrition basics

Productivity of our body depends on what, when and how we eat. Therefore, problem of finding right diet and creating balanced menu remains so urgent. Of course, in many ways, men and women should consume same products, but sometimes they should be different.

In addition, it should be understood, that only correct products list for healthy diet is simply not there. Because different people will have different health conditions, taste habits and preferences. But, there are general rules about what should be correct weekly menu, what kind of food, according to doctors and scientists, is most useful. These tips are sufficiently universal.

Following factors should be taken into account, when compiling menu of male healthy food for whole week:

·        Nutritional value of diet and its energy value.

·        Volume of liquid consumed and its quality.

·        Nutritional regime for men.

·        Nutritional value of the diet

Quality of menu provides number of calories, consumed in particular product. From their number will depend, how much energy man can get after food is digested. To calculate required number of calories, it is important to monitor data on food packages or stock up on special table of calorie foods.

Calculating calories rate per day and week, you need to consider how much physical activity man receives. If there is need to lose weight, then number of energy consumed should be less than wasted.

Pay attention to presence of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as vitamins in particular product. Because lack of one of these components can lead to undesirable consequences with health of man.

Volume of fluid consumed

One of most important functions in balanced diet is water. Thanks to intake of high-quality fluid, skin condition is improved, toxins are removed from body, risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced.  

Optimal volume is one and half to two liters of water per day. In this case, by all means, pay attention to fact that in this case we are talking about amount of clean water consumed, and not the liquid in composition of the dishes. Also doesn`t take into account liquid in composition of alcoholic beverages. Rather, on contrary, experts advise to minimize amount of alcohol consumption.

Healthy diet for men

In case of balanced diet, man’s stomach will never be overloaded with food. Nutritionists advise eating five or six times per day. In this case, break between breakfast and dinner shouldn`t be more than twelve hours. In addition, it`s recommended to eat food no less than three hours before bedtime. Otherwise, with overloaded stomach, night’s rest will be questionable for body.