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Male choice: prostatitis or sex

It is necessary to type in any search engine such words as “chronic prostatitis”, and you will see dozens of anxious questions. Is it possible to cure this disease forever? How? Where does it come from? This site will help you understand the root of problem

Disease progression

For a long time, up to 10 years, chronic prostatitis can proceed covertly, that is, almost no inconvenience, delivered to body. At such stage, disease presence can only determined by analysis. Therefore, it is detected during couple examination due to infertility, while man isn`t worried about anything more.

An average man comes to see doctor only if there is sexual potency threat or a its violation. Moreover, only some patients speak directly about their fears, others voice problem only if doctor asks about it. And it isn`t known, how many men are never recognized about sexual function violations – neither to doctor, nor to himself.

Therefore, its impossible to provide accurate data on how often prostatitis is complicated by impotence. One can only assume how significant number such cases number is. And in some situations, prostatitis can lead to impotence, and in others – impotence to prostatitis. And not always one disease treatment automatically eliminates second.

Pain in prostate, man suffering from prostatitis or from a venereal disease, studio shot on white background

Main reasons

The greatest value in prostatitis development is played by several factors:

  • Excess of fast carbohydrates in diet.
  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • Long-term violation of nasal breathing.
  • Chronic digestive disorders – pancreatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis.
  • Spinal osteochondrosis.
  • Age deficiency of testosterone.
  • Irregular sex life.
  • Previous venereal diseases.
  • Emotional disorders – chronic fatigue, depression, and others (read more here –

They can be combined in patient’s body in any configuration and enhance effect of each other. Therefore, in order to prevent prostatitis recurrence, it is necessary to follow diet and exercise therapy, and follow nasal breathing, and adjust digestion. That is, follow all individual doctor recommendations for disease prevention.

Prostatitis treatment

What will we see, if we look inside prostate gland in chronic prostatitis? Regardless of disease couses, there will be scars, impaired blood supply due to gland overfilling with stagnant contents and intraprostatic pressure increasing.

In other words, there wouldn`t be enough blood in prostate. But it is with her that drugs are delivered to affected organ. Therefore, it is necessary to feed patient with prostatitis tablets only after blood supply has been established in prostate gland. In this case, prostate massage and electrostimulation proved to be the best. And in each case, treatment must be selected individually, taking into account all particular patient features.

It is better to treat prostatitis without interruption from normal life – the rest of affected organ isn`t needed in such case. The prostate is recovering when it is working, not when it is resting. Especially if prostatitis is combined with impotence.

Prostatitis is not the end, but an occasion to reflect and improve your lifestyle. With proper treatment and all recommendations compliance, many patients improve their quality of life, stabilize their health, increase their confidence in future. It is only important to do everything correctly and in time, and recommended period of prostate examination for every adult man comes every six months. If car is regularly transported to service station, change oil and other consumables, it will work for a long time. The same is with prostate health gland – it certainly deserves no less attention. That is the only way to live life and relax.