Erectile Dysfunction

Male hormone testosterone: what has impact on organism?

Important component of men’s health is hormones. Actually, it`s hormones that are almost main “chemical marker” by which women differ from men. Hormones largely determine characteristics of behavior of representatives of different genders.

So androgens, or male hormones, contribute not only to formation of sexual characteristics (primary and secondary).

Testosterone belongs to group of prohormones. Its active form – dihydrotestosterone is substance, that determines character of man, his appearance, health and sexual activity. What is testosterone in body responsible for? We’ll talk about this later.  

Psychological state of men

It can be presented as following:

  • Will, initiative, determination, courage. Normal or slightly elevated testosterone background pushes man to manifestation of these particular qualities. If there is lack of hormone, then man becomes soft, lethargic, indecisive and incapable of proactive action.
  • Aggression. Under normal hormone levels, level of aggression is controlled by individual. Increased testosterone background provokes manifestation of uncontrolled aggression. But main thing here isn`t to confuse uncontrollability of aggression due to overestimated hormonal background with other causes causing such condition. Need to win, to be leader.
  • Ambition and self-confidence. Testosterone is often called “hormone of winners and kings.” Indeed, even middle manager is difficult to become man who has low hormonal levels.

Physiological condition

We can present it in such manner:

  • Physical well-being, feeling of cheerfulness, strength. If testosterone level is normal or slightly elevated, then person feels able to work. He is active, can tolerate prolonged exertion and stress.
  • Normal functioning of heart and vascular system of man depends largely on amount of testosterone in blood.
  • Sex functions. Testosterone determines sexual activity of men, contributes to development of spermatozoa and affects their activity.
  • Condition of skeleton and bones also depends on amount of hormone.


Here such factors are very important:

  • Men with normal levels of hormone in blood aren`t able to gain weight. Testosterone burns fat. Appearing tummy and fullness appear when level of hormone begins to decline. There is inverse relationship – overweight reduces production of hormone. Therefore, obesity kills man in man.
  • Glitter eyes, posture, musculature – it all depends on level of androgen. Organism is controlled by brain, and activity of brain is man himself. Therefore, if someone felt “testosterone hunger”, let him stand in front of mirror and take on appearance of winner, conqueror, king. This will push brain to command adrenal glands, and they will begin to produce necessary hormone. Ordinary gymnastics and douche will also help increase testosterone levels.

So, as you can see, testosterone plays a very important role. And, you must have this hormone in needed amount to be healthy and feel good.