Erectile Dysfunction

Ways to treat erectile dysfunction

treatment for erectile dysfunctionSpeaking about male sexual disorder we can recommend any regulated medication intended to cure it, for example a patient can buy Viagra online at or in local pharmacies. Thus, it seems that everybody have an access to the effective remedy. Since magic blue tabs were presented in 1998, a lot of other pills were created and men get even more options, among which there are medicines with various active substances. Besides, there are therapeutic and surgical methods, which allow regaining sexual drive. If you go on reading, you’ll find out more about them.

ED pills

So, the list of popular treatment for ed includes Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis Australia. About 80 percent of patients are satisfied with these pills. The remedy acts increasing blood flow in a penis that provides with lasting perfect result. The physicians specify side effects of all those tabs including headache, nasal congestion, and drop in blood pressure.

In addition men suffering impotence can raise the level of low testosterone. This male hormone is responsible for an ability of a man to desire, but cannot influence the ability of a man to perform this sexual drive. The low testosterone is not regarded as a real cause of ED. So if you want to improve sex drive, you are recommended to take it remembering that testosterone cures are not allowed to those who have problems with prostate. Besides as any hormone therapy it can lead to enlargement of breasts and acne.

There are rather helpful herbal cures like yohimbe, ginkgo biloba, and saw palmetto. But they help to improve health in general but none of them have proved to be the treatment for erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately these products are not regulated due to so their quality is not guaranteed. The doctors do not recommend taking them unless you consult with a doctor.

Other ways to increase male sexual potency

How to fix erectile dysfunction if a patient cannot take pills by mouth?

  • He can choose the remedy intended for injections directly into the penis. This method is even more effective showing an 85 percent success rate.
  • The injections can be replaced by dissolvable pellet inserted into the urethra. It is known as Muse – a urethral system for erection. The patient can count on the steady result in about 10 minutes with duration for about an hour.
  • For those who refuse any kinds of drugs for whatever reason there is a vacuum pump. In order to get an erection, a plastic cylinder is placed over the penis with further pumping the air out of the cylinder and in this way forcing blood to flow into the penis. The effectiveness makes about 75 percent of men. There are some unpleasant side effects like bruising and others.
  • We can tell you more about how to treat erectile dysfunction. Surgical implants can be applied. Here we should mention the risks to catch infection and get mechanical breakdown of the implant inside the penis.
  • And of course you can practice sex therapy getting rid of the fear, depression, stress, and anxiety.